In line with public health advice, Kylemore Abbey is currently closed.

A Very Special Guest



Tim and Carmel Stone at Kylemore Abbey

The Benedictine Community at Kylemore Abbey was delighted to welcome a very special guest at the end of April. Tim Stone, great-great grandson of Mitchell Henry, visited Kylemore for the first time with his wife, Carmel. Tim’s great-grandmother was Geraldine Henry Gilbert, who died in a tragic accident at Derryinver Bridge, Renvyle in 1892. Mitchell Henry, who had already lost his wife Margaret tragically in 1874, was devastated by this furthur loss and two years later he put the Kylemore estate up for sale. Although Tim had always been aware of his family history, it was not until this year that he managed to make the journey from his home in Vermont, USA. While in Connemara he visited the grave of his great-aunt Florence Henry and unveiled a plaque at Derryinver Bridge at the site of Geraldine’s tragic death. In Kylemore, Tim met with members of the Benedictine Community and placed flowers at the mauseoleum of Margaret and Mitchell Henry (where Mitchell Henry and his wife, Margaret, are laid). It was an emotionally charged visit for Tim and already there is talk of a Henry family reunion that would bring together all the remaining Henry family descendants from around the world.