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Gardener's Blog

Garden Diary for March 2015

The Irish spring is finally here, well at least today. The sun is warming up the soil nicely, which is very important for us to be able to plant the first potatoes in a couple of days. Saying that, there is another cold front on its way so it is still too early to move […]

Garden Diary February 2015

The year 2015 is well on its way and it feels like the winter  has only started. The thermometer outside our vinery read minus four degrees Celsius this morning; saying that it does not feel as cold with the sun shining lovely and no wind at all. The light ground frost will break up the […]

Garden Diary for December & January 2014

It is hard to believe we are in the month of December, the sun is shining into my office for a change and I can enjoy the last bit of autumn colour of the surrounding woodland. A good few leaves are still clinging on trees like Oak, Beech or Birch and it looks amazing especially […]

Garden Diary for December 2014 & January 2015

A Welcome back to the final garden diary for this year. I have to admit that it is sometimes a challenge in itself to find quieter moment to write these diaries. I also have to look back at the last year’s blogs so I don’t repeat myself too often. And then there is the challenge with […]

Garden diary for November 2014

November sneaked in and I actually had to check my calendar a few times to calculate how much time we have left to plant our bulk of spring bulbs and plants. We are talking about 10.000 spring bulbs and around the same amount of spring bedding plants which were raised here in the restored glasshouse. The […]

Garden Diary October 2014

Welcome back to the October edition of our garden blog. My hopes which were raised at the beginning of last months blog about the coming weather conditions were too optimistic. In all my years here in the wild west of Ireland I never experienced such a dramatic weather change. Lightning and thunder storms came right  from the […]

Garden diary for September 2014

September started with lovely early autumn weather and I hope that this is a good sign for the coming winter. The midges are also enjoying their last few moments for this season and try their best to leave a lasting impression on us! One of the evenings, shortly before closing time, I captured a special […]

Garden Diary August 2014

Just when you think that the planting time is over and everything is in full bloom and it is time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work for the next few weeks it is time to start all over again! Unfortunately few summer bedding plants don’t last until the end of the season and […]

Garden Diary for July 2014

It’s Berry time! My favorite time to go through the garden and just pick and taste and compare all the different varieties of soft fruits we grow within the walled garden. Black currants, white currants, red currants, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries…it seems to be a good year for berries and most of them except the blackberries […]

Garden Diary for June 2014

The summer is landed…well, at least the calendar is trying to tell us this. We spent the first of June in our glasshouse, well protected from the heavy rainfall. We always leave the indoor work, if possible, for wet days to come. So, one of the jobs would be the spreading and tidying of the […]