In line with public health advice, Kylemore Abbey is currently closed.

The Abbey


In June 2019 a wonderful new Visitor Experience opened in Kylemore Abbey which tells the stories of the many generations of people who have lived, worked, studied and prayed inside its thick granite walls.  The new Visitor Experience brings these stories to life in stunning fashion with the use of historical photographs, audio-visual presentations, displays of artefacts from the Kylemore archive, historical costumes and beautifully restored period rooms. New visitors and old friends of Kylemore will be delighted with this fascinating new experience which brings the story of Kylemore to life for this Generation and many to come.

Download your brochure to Kylemore Abbey here!

Visiting the Abbey

Your Visit to Kylemore Abbey is a self-guided and consists of the Visitor Experience which incorporates modern interpretation along with restored period rooms on the ground floor of the Abbey.

Our visitor brochure is available in 9 languages and contains a map and guide to the exhibition. The Abbey is partially accessible for wheelchair users and has accessible toilet facilities.

Let our guides offer insights, answer questions and bring the story of Kylemore to life with the story of the Abbey’s beginnings in the 1860s as a romantic gift to becoming home to the Benedictine Community in 1920.

The upstairs of the building is not open to the public as it is in use by the Benedictine Nuns who are in residence on the Kylemore estate.

The Benedictine Story

Entering the Abbey under a majestic Granite arch you experience begins straight away as hidden audio and a timeline of Kylemore History begins to emerge you in the Kylemore Story. Following from there you will enter the Abbey and visit the following rooms:

The Welcome Room: The Welcome Room is situated in the former Kitchen scullery and gives the visitors a brief overview of the full Kylemore story via a beautiful audiovisual display. This room also contains exhibits from the Farm Kitchen including Sr Benedict’s butter making table and interesting kitchen artifacts.

The Flight From Ypres: This room is dominated by a moving audiovisual presentation telling the story of the Kylemore Benedictine Community from their origins in Ypres Belgium to their flight from War-torn Europe and their arrival to Kylemore almost 100 years ago in 1920. The room also features a stunning feature stained glass window and precious artifacts of the Benedictine Order.

Kylemore Today: This room tells the story of the Benedictine nuns many achievements during their 100 years at Kylemore. Meet the pupils of Kylemore Abbey Girl’s School and learn about the life of the nuns today and their hopes and plans for the future.

From the Library to the Drawing Room

Visit the restored rooms of the Abbey to step back in time and learn about the lives of those who lived, worked and prayed in this beautiful building.

Mitchell Henry’s Library and Study. Meet Mitchell Henry and his wife Margaret and learn about their life and times at Kylemore Castle. Speaking portraits and hidden audio and visual effects enhance this beautifully redecorated period room.
Inner Hall and Saloon Hall: The inner hall contains the grand staircase where light floods in from the imposing leaded windows. Learn about how the Henry Family used their Kylemore estate to enjoy the best of fishing and shooting and other country pursuits.
Drawing Room: The Drawing Room with its fine Italian marble fireplace and hand-stenciled wallpapers has been refurbished to capture the original spirit and ambiance of Victorian-era Kylemore Castle. As you enter the room you will see our only portrait of Margaret Henry and a recreation of one of Margaret’s ball dresses from the 1860s.

From the Morning Room to the Saloon Hall

Continue from the Drawing Room on into the Morning and Dining and the Gallery Saloon Hall where you will meet more of the Henry Family and the enigmatic Duke and Duchess of Manchester.

  •  Morning Room: The morning room was where the ladies sat to read, sew and entertain their day time guests. Learn about life in Kylemore Castle and the Henry sons and daughters, their lives and hobbies, trials and achievements.
  • Dining Room: The walls here were originally lined with black and gold silks and today you see the table laid as if waiting for its guests to arrive.
  • Ante Room: The Ante Room leading between the Dining Room and inner halls introduces us to the enigmatic Duke and Duchess of Manchester and to the many fascinating guests who have visited Kylemore over the years.
  • Gallery Saloon Hall: The Gallery Saloon is where the former residents of Kylemore met for drinks before dinner and today tells us more of the story of the Duke and Duchess.