In line with public health advice, Kylemore Abbey is currently closed.

Local Landscape

Connemara tourism is expanding each year and many overseas tourists come to visit the West of Ireland. Kylemore Abbey is located in one of Ireland’s most unique landscapes – Connemara. Described by Oscar Wilde as “a savage beauty”, it is a region of awe-inspiring, unspoilt and natural beauty. Its patchwork of lakes, rugged mountains, and windswept bogs certainly gives a sense of splendid isolation. The raw beauty, sweeping vistas and constantly changing moods of the Connemara landscape have captured the hearts and minds of generations of artists, writers and musicians.

Indeed, it is this beauty which first attracted Mitchell and Margaret Henry to choose Connemara as the location for their honeymoon in the 1850s. Spellbound by the beauty of Connemara, Margaret Henry fell in love with Connemara and particularly the area known as ‘Kylemore’. The time Mitchell and Margaret spent together made a lasting impression on their hearts. Years later when Mitchell inherited a fortune from his father, he returned to Kylemore, purchased 15,000 acres and built the magnificent fairy-tale castle as a romantic gift for his wife Margaret.

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