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Friday, 22 April 2022

World Earth Day Biodiversity Update

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Last year Kylemore Abbey and NUIG launched a Biodiversity Stewardship Programme. Since the start of their partnership, six research studies have been completed, and two are in progress. Some of the studies were limited to desk research due to COVID. One study mapped the different habitats on Kylemore estate using old maps and aerial photographs. Another study compiled all online available biodiversity data of the grounds and surrounding area. A group of NUIG students drafted a Biosecurity Protocol after visiting the estate. The protocol gives guidelines for employees and visitors to help prevent the spread of invasive species. The last three surveys of 2021 took place on the grounds. With the help of a drone the rhododendron infestation was mapped and the follow-up thesis outlines appropriate management solutions. The other two surveys focused on animals and identified four bat species and seven terrestrial mammal species. We hope to build on last year’s research to gain more insight into all living things that call Kylemore home. More details coming soon!