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Monday, 15 May 2023

Dawn Chorus At Kylemore Abbey

Great Tit
On the 7th of May, we marked International Dawn Chorus Day!
May is a busy month filled with territorial defending, courting, nest building, egg sitting and fledgling feeding. The Kylemore estate is home to an array of resident and migrant birds of many sizes. From large birds, like herons and mountain ravens, to the smallest, like wrens and goldcrests. With kilometers of Woodlands, the Kylemore Estate is the perfect location for our feathered friends to relax and accomplish all of this. This summer, Lisa Hamilton, a postgraduate student at the University of Galway, will survey the birds on the estate and make a scientific record of the species present. We look forward to her results. For now, I leave you with birds I ‘shot’ across the Kylemore Abbey Estate. Check out our Social Media Channels to hear the recording that Anja Gohlke, our Head Gardener captured on the morning of the Darkness into Light Walk, coincidentally, a day before International Dawn Chorus Day!
A Fledgling

A Blue Tit taking flight
A beautiful Blue Tit Taking Flight

A Song Thrush sneaking about