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Gospel Reflection for the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Gospel Reflection
Sunday, 29 October 2023

I love you, Lord, my strength. (Psalm 17)

Jesus proclaims and confirms the two divine precepts in today's gospel: love of God and love of neighbour. 

Loving God with one's whole heart, soul and mind was easier in my youth because society operated, broadly speaking, from Christian structures. Government departments, institutions and the media upheld, more or less, traditional values founded on the Ten Commandments. However, during the last fifty years we seem to have forgotten that these precepts were divinely ordained specifically to promote human flourishing and we are trying to live without them.. 

Much unhappiness exists in our society today because we have abandoned Jesus' precepts, but not only are our hearts and souls disengaged from loving God but our minds are being invaded by media chatter. 

Nevertheless, stay hopeful and take heart, the bones of Christian culture still exist and as in Ezekiel 37:1-14, God can make these dry bones flourish.