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Sunday, 19 November 2023

Gospel Reflection for the Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A.

Kylemore Abbey Gothic Church1

Happy are those who fear the Lord. (Psalm 127)

The Church in her wisdom places the parable of the talents at various strategic times throughout the year as a wake-up call. And here it is again at the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of a new one.

As Christians we are expected to use the gifts we have been given - the incomparable grace of baptism and the accompanying sacraments for a start. Do we use grace well?  Do we pray and ask God's help for ourselves and others, for peace in our war-torn world, for our country, for the dead? And especially, do we persevere in prayer and not give up?  Then there are the many material gifts we have been given - education, health, political stability, security, justice, democracy. Do we live  and pray from the deep theological principle of gratitude for all we have been given? Counting your blessings is a profoundly Christian attitude.

The conclusion of the parable certainly is a wake-up call that we cannot ignore. We are told in no uncertain terms that the Lord will not accept our excuses. Pray well, pray often and hear the blessed invitation: Come and join in your master's happiness.