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Monday, 25 December 2023

Gospel Reflection for Christmas 2023

Christmas decorations  Gothic Church (1
Today is born our Saviour, Christ the Lord. (Ps 95)
We hear once again, as we have heard many times before, the dear, familiar story of the Nativity. of our Lord and Saviour. After two thousand year of telling, there is little left to say that is new or original, except for one important point. Jesus was born at a moment in time: 'When the appointed time came: God sent forth his own Son, born of a woman, born a subject of the Law, that he might redeem the subjects of the Law and make them his adopted sons.' (Gal:4, 4-5).
While we celebrate this historical event when Jesus was born we remember the reason for his birth and its significance for each of us personally. We also remember that Jesus is here with us still and never left us, but most importantly that he will come again, in great power and glory and that he is on his way back.