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Saturday, 20 January 2024

Gospel Reflection for the third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B.

Snowy Reflection

Teachme your ways, O Lord.(Psalm 24)

Markhas a way of proclaiming the most momentous events the world has ever seen in afew terse sentences. Each sentence merits deep reflection but we will startwith Jesus' very early ministry. His beloved cousin, John the Baptist has beenarrested and Jesus is now very much alone, a single, solitary voice proclaimingthe Good News and having to convince the world that he himself is the GoodNews. In his first preaching, Jesus echoes John the Baptist's call to repentand believe the Good News.  Jesus' call is noticeably softer thanJohn's since John was an Old Testament prophet proclaiming a God of wrath andretribution. Jesus proclaims the God he knew, a God of tenderness and mercy,his own Abba, father. 

Mark'sdescription of the calling of the disciples is short and sweet - no miracles,no great catch of fish. Peter, Andrew, James and John leave everything on theshore of the Sea of Galilee and follow Jesus. May we follow their example andfollow our beloved Master.