In line with public health advice, Kylemore Abbey is currently closed.

A Light to the World


Reflections from Kylemore Abbey

Prayers from the heart of the beautiful Connemara countryside…

Nearly 150 years ago the Manchester Unitarian Mitchell Henry conceived the vision of Kylemore Castle. He dedicated his life and fortune to creating both a beautiful home for his family and friends, against the backdrop of the stark beauty of barren mountains, bogs and lakes, and a social structure that would serve the human needs of the wide community of his tenants and employees.

50 years later a community of Benedictine Nuns (The Irish Dames of Ypres) moved into Kylemore. In the course of 100 years, the castle became a Benedictine monastery, an abbey, its life imbued with the ancient Christian traditions of prayer, meditation, hospitality and generous service, especially of the women of the region.

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