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Dining, Cafe and a Flavour of Kylemore

Kylemore Abbey is renowned for its traditional home-cooked food which has always been an important part of the traditional Benedictine welcome. From delicious and healthy soups, stews and salads to our famed scones, brown bread and apple pies there is plenty of choice for you and your family to enjoy a true flavour of Kylemore.

The Kylemore Kitchen

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The Kylemore Kitchen is a modern self-service café which maintains the tradition of good food and warm welcome which is an important aspect of Benedictine hospitality. We ensure only the highest quality, locally sourced produce is used in our café, ensuring that you get a true flavour of Kylemore.

From a quick coffee stop to a full hot meal our menu features something for everyone. Our hot buffet serves delicious lunches including, vegetarian dishes, a selection of quiches, pasta and fish and traditional favourites such as Irish stew. We are rightly renowned for our delicious homemade soups and award-winning scones and breads.

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The salad counter offers an array of colourful and healthy salads which feature herbs and salad leaves from our Victorian Walled Garden. (In season) Choose from a wide selection of sandwiches including hot bistro style sandwiches on artisan breads and wraps.

Finally, our cake counter is where we really get to spoil you with our fresh baked daily scones, fruit crumbles, cream pastries, brownies, cheesecakes and sponges, and world renowned Kylemore Apple Pie!

Vegetarian, vegan and coeliac diets are catered for so please ask your server for more details.

Half price children’s portions and free baby bowls for toddlers aged 4 and under are available. 

Entrance ticket to the Kylemore Abbey estate is not required to dine at The Kylemore Kitchen Café.

The Kylemore Kitchen Café is open 7 days, from 10am-5:30pm

The Garden Tea House

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The Garden Tea House is located beside Kylemore Abbey’s 6 acre Victorian Walled Garden.

This is the go-to spot for sweet treats or a refreshing brew after your exploration of our woodland estate. This sunlit building is a delightful place to enjoy the best of home baking or a herbal tea made from herbs collected next door in the Walled Garden.

Children can colour and read story books while you relax and catch up on post card writing!

The views from the Tea House are spectacular with an uninterrupted panorama of the Connemara National Park and view across our Connemara Pony Paddock so you can watch the mares and foals frolicking in the Connemara countryside. Outside the Tea House there are picnic benches for adults and wild play area for your children's enjoyment.

Don't miss a visit to the Tea House as part of your special day out.

An entrance ticket to the Kylemore estate is required.

The Garden Tea House is open 7 days - 11am to 3pm

Food on the Go in Kylemore

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Get out and enjoy the vast Kylemore Estate on a full stomach. Whether you are looking for the makings of a summer picnic, want to stroll the the avenues compostable cup of coffee in hand, or want to enjoy the delicious Luxury Kylemore Homemade Ice cream to the back drop the Diamond Hill and Connemara Pony Paddock. Then why not try one of our two food trucks; The Explorer, and The Forager.

The Explorer
Located in the ticketing plaza area, The Explorer serves incredible barista coffees, fresh sandwiches and some quick nibbles to take with you on your journey throughout the estate. 
No entry ticket required.

The Forager
located beside The Garden Teahouse, The Forager offers delicious coffees, cooling drinks, and Kylemore's Homemade Carrageen Ice-cream.
Entrance to the estate required.