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Welcome to the Kylemore’s Resources page. Here you will find educational resources like our History Hunters Map, fun colouring pages, brochures to your favourite parts of the estate, links to interesting articles, and mp3 files of interviews and talks.

Help yourself and enjoy!

There is so much to see and do in Kylemore we want to make sure you get around with ease and see all your favourite bits. So why not download your maps and estate guide HERE and plan your visit, be guided on the estate, and be reminded of your day in Kylemore. 


Heritage Week 2021

This year, for the first time, Kylemore Abbey will be offering a programme to encourage people of all ages to “Open the Door to Heritage” and embrace National Heritage Week 2021.

History, Myths, & Tall Tales from Kylemore Abbey will run from August 14th to 22nd with a programme of largely online resources being launched to encourage families to learn about the fascinating legends and stories which contribute to history of the Kylemore Estate. 

Each of our heritage week stories will become available here during the week so take a look at the enthralling tales you will get to enjoy.

And if you want to “Imagine a Castle” like Kylemore Abbey for yourself, enjoy the workbook, slideshow and videos below that teach children about life in a Victorian castle for all family members.

History, Myths,& Tall Tales from Kylemore Abbey…

Introduction to the Myths and Legends of Kylemore, Pollucapul and Léim na h’Eilte. Stories of a magical white horse from Tír na nÓg and a phantom deer being chased by Chu Chulainn’s hound and how they shaped the area surround Kylemore castle are all part of the first story of the series.

Available from 12pm – Monday 16th


Na Páistí Muca (The Little Pig Children). This is a new story, inspired by the estate, and is full of fun and mischief. This particular story is dedicated to our resident Kune Kune pigs Ken and Gloria.

Available from 12pm – Tuesday 17th


The Milk Jug. The moral of today's story is, even if you have very little if you share it with someone who has less, good will come to you for that deed. The story is dedicated to the people of Connemara, who always shared what little they had an inspired by the tradition of changeling stories in Irish folklore. 

Available from12pm – Wednesday 18th


The Smoothing Iron. For generations children and adults from all over the world having been casting their wishes at the Smoothing Iron in Kylemore, but have you ever wondered how it got there or just what makes it so special? In today’s story, Eithne O’Halloran tells us a tale of quarrelling Giants and the magic they unleashed.

Available from12pm – Thursday 19th


The Tale of Dastardly Dan. The Fairies are a huge part of Irish myth and folklore and until recent years and even as is evident in some of todays’ practices (for example, never ever cut a whitethorn tree!), the Irish people knew to respect the Fairies. If only Dastardly Dan Quigley heeded such advice…learn the Tale of Dastardly Dan and his encounter with the Fairies.

Available from 12pm – Friday 20th


The Very Hungry Giant. Another tall tale today, in fact a very tall and hungry one of a ferocious Giant and a brave young man! Today, Abbey Experience Manager, Eithne O’Halloran, tells us the story of The Very Hungry Giant of Leím na hEílte!

Available from 12pm – Saturday 21st

Primary School History Resources

Introducing our wonderful history workbook ‘Imagine A Castle’. We hope you and your class will have lots of fun exploring its pages and carrying out the fun and interactive’ Over to You!’ tasks at the end of each section. The workbook will be distributed to schools in County Galway through Galway County Library, mobile school’s library service with copies also available at Kylemore Abbey or the Heritage Office, Galway County Council. We would love to see some of the castles and other things you create, please send them to us at and if you like we will share them here to inspire other schools!

Imagine A Castle Workbook

Imagine a Castle Videos

Follow the links to view our tiny videos which accompany the workbook or you can view them just for fun!

Welcome to Kylemore Abbey

Welcome to Kylemore Abbey an introduction to our Imagine A Castle Workbook

Welcome to the neo-Gothic Church

Welcome to the neo Gothic Church at Kylemore Abbey as part of our Imagine A Castle workbook resources.

Portraits at Kylemore Abbey

A video to accompany the Stories Through Pictures section of our Imagine A Castle workbook. We look at some of the portraits we are lucky to have here in Kylemore, an oil painting and a video of Margaret Henry and a sculpture of Mitchell Henry. We discuss what is unique about each of them and what we can learn from them.

Meet the Head Gardener

In this video we visit the beautiful Victorian Walled Garden to speak to our Head Gardener, Anja and find out about the best and worst parts of her job! Can you guess what they might be?

A Room For Everything

Here is the slideshow we promised to accompany the ‘A Room For Everything’ section. We hope you enjoy it!