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Gospel Reflection for the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B.

Gospel Reflection
Saturday, 29 June 2024

 I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.  (Psalm 29)

Today's Gospel is a favourite with women, particularly women who have ever suffered from 'women's' problems.  We see how Jesus relates to the woman with the hemorrhage, an outcast from her synagogue, a suffering victim of ignorance and prejudice. We see him reaching out to her in his fully integrated, mature manhood to restore her femininity and dignity. This same Jesus, in his divine humanity, longs to reach out to all women in every age to bring them to their full potential. 

Then we see him with the little girl who has died. She is twelve years old, on the cusp of womanhood - a very difficult time for all young women. His call to her is: 'Young woman, arise!'

Jesus is a woman's champion, their knight, their divine physician and above all, their Beloved.